19 - 20 November 2020

Royal College Lucca - Italy


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5G | Forum Europeo Digitale 2019


5G is the theme of 2020, also due to the harsh industrial confrontation that has transformed the old geopolitics into “geo-technology”. To China and the United States, Europe wants to respond with a series of “good practices” and new generation services, also in conjunction with the start of commercial services in the main European countries. The new role of smart cities dedicated to 5G will be able to offer new realities in the fields of media, tourism, transport, health and industry 4.0. Verticals, demos and presentations will give the first previews of the new scenarios that will arise from the introduction of this technology. In Lucca 2020, a special plenary session dedicated to 5G.


Mobile Consumer

Mobile devices will play a leading role in the new company of the 1920s. According to PWC Italia, smartphone connections account for 70% of telephone connections in Italy and this percentage will reach 89% in 2022. Consequently, mobile is an increasingly important vehicle. Mobile Video Internet Advertising revenues are estimated to increase from € 228 million in 2017 to € 1.1 billion in 2022.

Globe | Forum Europeo Digitale 2019

Global Media

The media industry is in the midst of an industrial and technological revolution, which will lead to a new scenario at international and European level. The main world groups have just completed their first moves on the global media scene. Disney, Comcast, Time Warner are the protagonists, but what will Apple, Amazon, Viacom, Discovery, Mediaset and third parties like Alibaba, Wanda and Gazprom do? Can other market shots be foreseen? Will new digital services be created? The video will continue to be a very important “driving force” for the development of the digital industry, also increasing trade, electronic payment and monetization.

Switch Off

With 2020, the phase of approaching the Switch-off to MPEG4 begins, which will take place simultaneously throughout Italy on September 1, 2021. From that moment, all the TVs, decoders, devices and antennas unable to receive the new transmission standard they must be adequate, also thanks to the bonuses that have been allocated by the Ministry of Economic Development. Even if the term seems far away, in reality the phase of preparation of such an important change will occupy the whole of 2020, also thanks to the TV 4.0 table organized at the Italian Ministry of Economic Development.

OTT | Forum Europeo Digitale 2019

OTT Platform

Personalized digital platforms are gaining more and more market shares, audience and satisfaction, also thanks to important new products and services. The new player disruptor, thanks to the technological platforms, have managed to capture the attention of consumers and an ever increasing share of their spending thanks to a “user friendly” proposal and to the ample possibilities of
consumption customization. After Netflix, Hulu, Disney, Apple, the important news announced by Amazon, what can we expect?

4K - UHD

The super quality of the content will be a “killer application” for the user experience, which is already moving in the direction of a “complete and immersive” experience, also thanks to the ultra high definition proposal, which is constantly growing and in all the world. According to the forecast data, the sale of UHD TV sets in 2020 foresee a global growth of 31% also thanks to the events of the European Football Championships and the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. The production of 4K content is estimated at over 5 billion $.

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