The Business Area is a space dedicated to our Sponsors where they can exhibit various contents, which may vary from documents to demonstration videos. There will also be the option of being able to request an appointment if it is of interest to you.

To register on the platform, simply access this link or the various buttons on the Connect platform.

The main method will be through the Paypal platform, the procedure will be more agile having a Paypal profile. If you do not have an account, there is the possibility of being able to pay by debit or credit card within the Paypal platform.

To request an invoice, write to the e-mail eventi@comunicaredigitale.it, by entering personal data and billing data.

To request an appointment from a Speakers you must be a PREMIUM user. By accessing the NETWORKING or SPEAKERS section, you will have the possibility to request a meeting.

Comunicare Digitale

Comunicare Digitale aims to increase and promote knowledge and all digital tools related to the Media, Communication and Events sectors.


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20° European Digital Forum
8 - 9 June 2022
Real Collegio - Lucca

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