Marco Arioli is Technology Officer of Fastweb. Born in 1974 in Milano, he is responsible for the technological areas and operating processes relating to the fixed and mobile network infrastructure, according to the objectives set by the NeXXt Generation 2025 strategy.

He joined Fastweb in 2003, managing strategic projects such as network planning and the development of new technological services, and covering roles with increasing responsibilities over the years. In 2016 Marco Arioli was appointed as Head of Network Engineering. Graduated in Telecommunications Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, he worked until 2003 in Corecom (Politecnico di Milano & Pirelli Labs), as researcher for the design and implementation of advanced electro optical devices for telecommunication systems.

Comunicare Digitale

L’Associazione Comunicare Digitale ha lo scopo di accrescere e promuovere la conoscenza e di tutti gli strumenti del digitale, legati ai settori dei Media, della Comunicazione e degli Eventi.


Comunicare Digitale è un marchio di Dime Comunicaciones Sl.

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20 °Forum Europeo Digitale
8 - 9 Giugno 2022
Real Collegio - Lucca

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